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We will always need the basic components of a good governance – policies, training, monitoring, etc – but those become pointless if we don’t have a culture that supports doing the right thing – even when no one is watching. A true culture of integrity is the result of people voluntarily choosing to do the right thing, instead of following the mandatory compliance controls and laws only because they “have no other choice”. We are all responsible for creating and maintaining the culture for the people we work with: It’s all about us – how we talk, what we decide, what we say and do – and what we leave unsaid and undone.

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We all want to do the right thing. And yet we keep finding ourselves from the situations that goes against our values.

Where you can find me

I work in various arenas with a mission to do the right thing in business.

I am the co-founder of Nordic Business Ethics. We host EthicsTalk podcast and publish Nordic Business Ethics survey, with a mission to promote responsible business conduct throughout Nordics.

I am the founder of Code of Conduct Company – a company that aims to support companies in maintaining responsible business and good governance.

You can find me as one of the authors in Bonfire business media.

I write in Finnish.

You can find me from MySpeaker‘s speaker list.

“Business Ethics as a competitive advantage” is one of my most popular keynotes.

How can I help?

Customised trainings for companies

1/2 päivää 3.000 €
1 päivä 4.000€

(incl. planning and preparing the materials)

Popular themes:


45min 1.500 €

(incl. planning and preparing the materials)

Popular themes:

    Personal professional sparring

    90min 370 €

    Whether you are an individual or a leadership team, I am happy to help you.

    Popular themes:


      I have published a series of ethics, compliance and controls related books during 2011-2021, including my PhD in late 2020.


      Are you looking for a trainer, speaker or facilitator to your event? Let’s talk!

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