My story

I founded Code of Conduct Company to help building responsible business conduct in Nordic companies. Since August 2018, when I started as a full-time entrepreneur, I have had the privilege to work with various companies operating in both global and local scale to help building a culture of integrity. Before founding my own company, I worked for over a decade in global roles around Ethics & Compliance, Internal Controls and Audit.

My recent projects include ethics & compliance training development, compliance program roadmapping, cultural risk assessments, internal control development and key note visits in leadership teams and management training programs.

I used to be an auditor who loved policies and procedures. Nowadays I start with understanding the real culture within the organisation. We will always need the basic components of a good governance – policies, training, monitoring, etc – but those become pointless if we don’t have a culture that supports doing the right thing – even when no one is watching. A true culture of integrity of a result of people voluntarily choosing to do the right thing, instead of following the mandatory compliance controls and laws because they “have no other choice”. We are all responsible for creating and maintaining the culture for the people we work with: It’s all about us – how we talk, what we decide, what we say and do – and what we leave unsaid and undone.

Would you like to work together to create better business ethics in Nordics? Let’s talk more!